Here it is, Konami’s Getsu Fuuma Den on the Famicom, the “lost” episode of Import Gaming FTW.  A year ago, I was working on this episode but lost all data–script, voice over, gameplay footage–in a hard drive crash.

It’s always been in the back of my mind to make a second attempt, and I finally had the inspiration to do so.  Completely redone from scratch, though not much different from the original vision.  Hope you guys enjoy!

In this video, I mention a few fantastic game reviews to check out.  Please do so!

JewWario’s Wai Wai World reviews:
Part 1:
Part 2:
His channel:

Brasel the Gamer’s Wai Wai World 2 review:
His channel:

Also, BIG thanks to Niko “the Wii Guy” for supplying me with his remixed stereo soundtrack of the game, which I used in my video.

Check out the full OST here:
Niko’s gaming channel:

And special thanks to a person going by “BUCKY,” who created that beautiful game map!

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Jimmy Hapa

The creator of Import Gaming FTW!, a video series on YouTube which is all about great Japanese games...that never left the land of the rising sun! Or at the very least, never secured a release in North America. Mr. Hapa's love of import gaming began in 1998, when he modified his PlayStation One to play Japanese games. He currently resides in Hawaii, where he also grew up, but spent several years in Japan, during which time he regrets focusing most of his gaming energy on the Xbox 360.

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