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The Retroholics and Guest Aggro Sky talk about the best graphics on our favorite retro gaming systems.

Show Agenda

Guest Introduction – Aggro Sky from Gaming Rebellion

News Segment System Shock  3

INTRODUCE MAIN TOPIC  – Graphics in Retro Game Systems

Best system of the 8 bit / 16 bit / 32 bit eras – Anyone play a Master System / TG16? 

Great looking overlooked games

Best graphics by genre

Do you prefer modern or retro graphics?

Worst Graphics on a good game

Get the most out of your retro systems

Barring crazy setups, do you prefer playing on a CRT, or are you okay with playing on an HD/LCD/LED/Plasma?

Video Version

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Brasel the Gamer has been playing games since 1988, when he first got his hands on an NES and Super Mario Bros 2. It's been a lifelong passion ever since. Now he wants to share his love for video games with the world. Brasel the Gamer is an equal opportunity gamer, playing everything from NES to PS3, Genesis to WiiU.

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