Heavy Metal Gamer Show Podcast – Episode 2:

It’s Podcast time, that’s right, episode 2 of The Heavy Metal Gamer Show Podcast is here. Now some of the topics I speak about in this podcast might be old news, I did record this last weekend, so some things may have changed. Some of the topics you will hear in this episode are more talk about Street Fighter V, and that whole line of BS. Along with talking about fanboys, and so on. I talk about some games I have been playing, I talk about emulation and legit games. I also talk about bands that I would like to see reunite with certain lineups and so on.  At the end of the video, I mention about the Q&A segment of episode 3. If you want to submit 1 or 2 questions, you can comment on the video or whatever site you see this posted at. I hope you enjoy this podcast, yes it’s slightly shorter then the first episode. Thanks for listening.

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