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The Retroholics reminisce about the best and worst of 2015. It’s a New Year with some interesting awards!

Show Agenda


Best Game Pickup Deal

Biggest Disappointment

Biggest Surprise

Favorite retro game you played this year

Independent Game of the Year

Most Underrated Game

Most Overrated Game

Three favorite non-Retroholic channels you watched this year

Best Video Game Ass

Best Video Game Soundtrack

Best Video Game System

Sum up 2015 video gaming in 1 word

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Video Version

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We are Retroholics Anonymous, and we are addicted to video games!

About The Author


Alli Bee, a.k.a @lostestgamer is a founding member of Found Gaming, podcaster of Retroholics Anonymous, pixel artist, and Twitter miscreant extraordinaire. She is primarily infatuated with RPGs, Survival Sims, Puzzle Platformers, Survival Horror and a diverse mix of PC, Console, and Retro games.

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