You know where this is leading to, I have done 2 of these already, and really this turned into a ridiculous trilogy. Had a few people ask me why I have done these? It’s no secret that these are a parody of a few other channels, and it’s no secret how I feel about them. Either way, these are intended to be ridiculous and stupid. I hope you enjoy this trilogy finale. Of course the main focus of this channel is my reviews, and let’s plays. Got a lot of great content coming this week. Tuesday will be a Metal World Order blog, Thursday will be a let’s play, and Saturday a review. 4 videos this week! Just want to say thank you to all that watch, subscribe, you guys are the fucking greatest, and I appreciate you very much.

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Been gaming since I was 3 years old, I find gaming to be a form of entertainment and enjoy it quite a bit. At the end of 2008 I started making Youtube videos, and have ever since, ranging from reviews, let's plays, and more.

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