Heavy Metal Gamer Presents: HMG Interviews Heavy Metal Gamer 2008:

It’s been a little while since I did a Heavy Metal Gamer Presents video, so I figure I would take you all back in time. Before the Heavy Metal Gamer became a thing, before I even started on Youtube. I present you a one on one interview with the Heavy Metal Gamer from 2008. Pretty much it’s the Heavy Metal Gamer before I became the Heavy Metal Gamer. A special shoutout to UGRRetribution on Youtube, for those of you that don’t know him, he use to go under the name SpaceNinja88. I use to spend him ridiculous voice clips via Windows Live Messenger, and he saved some of these ridiculous clips. So go check out his channel, he does some great DSPisms, and a lot fo funny stuff.

UGRRetribution’s channel:

Also a big shoutout to ThePlasmas for the intro music.

I hope you enjoy this goofy video. Thank you for watching, enjoy the rest of your weekend. You guys kick ass, and I got some new content ready for you next week \,,/