This week the guys are joined by Nick “The Reaper” Irving from the FOX hit show American Grit. We talk the show, mentoring the contestants, if John Cena can do the Circus and Spin and Nick share war stories.

The first African-American sniper in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion to deploy in the Global War on Terrorism, Nick Irving earned his nickname, “The Reaper,” for his sharp-shooting ability on a tour to Afghanistan, where he had 33 confirmed kills in less than four months. Irving also has six deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as assaulter, machine gunner and sniper team leader.

When Irving returned to the civilian world, he struggled with PTSD. To heal, he began writing down his thoughts in a journal. The journal turned into five personal memoirs, which eventually turned into a New York Times Best Seller, aptly titled, “The Reaper.” He is currently working on a second book and hopes that his publications will encourage his fellow veterans to tell their stories, open up and heal.

Irving also owns and operates a training facility company, HardShoot, which trains military, law enforcement, civilians, contractors and professional athletes in the art of precision shooting.



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