This video was originally supposed to be a short and sweet list video, but I got ambitious. When that happens, I take WAAAY too long to finish stuff. The end result was worth it, I thought.

I decided to go ahead and do all the voice over in live action for two reasons: 1) to give everything a consistent sound. 2) to sound a bit more natural when delivering lines. I think it worked well, but I forgot to turn off the AC… -_- I’m such a freaking audio n00b.

I want to thank Game Trader II and Charlie Shaw in particular for giving me the idea as well as a lot of material and information for making this video. I’m incredibly excited to hit up the Missouri Game Con in August. If you get a chance, go swing by their store in St. Charles.

Onto the Credits:

JJ Hendrix – How I Got Nintendo World Championships Gold

Patrick Scott Patterson – 1990 Nintendo World Championships Recap and Finals

ars technica – Gold Cart Sale info – NWC 1990 Repro

Nintendo World Championships 1990 GameFaqs Strategy by BSulpher

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(Includes 1991 footage)

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Mario Wiki Information

SNES Central Information DKC Competition Cart Info Sega Blockbuster World VG Championships II

Missouri Game Convention


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