When I started SHMUP Master over two years ago, my goal was to strictly record myself beating various retro SHMUPS on the hardest difficulty, without dying. And while that is still the goal that drives me to complete a video, it has become much more than that.

So with that in mind, I decided to up my game a bit. In the long gap between episodes I attempted to hone my skills in editing, 2D animation and visual effects. What you will find in the latest episode of SHMUP Master is not one, but two videos. The first is a retro gaming focused video unlike many you have probably seen. Not only do I delve deep into the innards of this incredible game, but I also give you a load of visual spectacle to go along with it. It should be at the very least entertaining, even if you don’t care for SHMUPS.

The second video is my complete 1CC run of Thunder Force IV played on Maniac difficulty. Enjoy the ride, it’s a fast one!

**95% of footage was captured on a model 1 Sega Genesis console (modded for PAL play) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps.

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Aggro Sky

Aggro Sky is the editor-in-chief and founder of Gaming Rebellion. He has been gaming since the tender age of 4 when he was given an Atari 2600 by his Uncle Doug. Aggro dabbles in both modern and classic games equally and likes to examine both sides of every coin. He also loves the outdoors, scuba diving, aquariums and the occasional Bonsai Tree project. You can follow him on Twitter @zfunk007 and friend him on his Facebook Page.

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