Hello everyone!

On July 15th, I aired the very first live-streamed episode of the Replay Ability Quiz Show! Since we have decided to drift away from Let’s Plays for the time being, I have decided to start this trivia-based game show and am streaming it live on Twitch (twitch.tv/ReplayAbility). The Quiz Show is chock full of video game trivia, testing three contestants in their ability to remember facts, music, images, and release dates of games and consoles ranging from the old to the new! The prize? 1st place gets $15 for whatever online gaming store they prefer!

If you missed the first episode, you’re in luck: all episodes will be exported to YouTube as well, and so the first stream can be found right here in the video! The first Quiz Show featured Brasel the Gamer, Lost, and JD McFly of True and Honest Gaming in a head-to-head brain battle of epic proportions! Be sure to check it out!

If you’re interested in participating at some point in the future, just message me on Twitter!