Hello everyone!

Over the last number of weeks, I’ve finally managed to work out all the kinks and issues with the Quiz Show. I’ve gotten a new secondary screen which helps me keep

track of…well, everything, and I’ve managed to figure out the layout, volumes for music, and all that other stuff. This all basically means that the show is the best it’s ever been, so be sure to tune in and watch it live at twitch.tv/ReplayAbility!

However, the real element that makes the Quiz Show so great is always the guests, and Episode 4 had a great lineup, two of which were fellow Rebels here on the site!

Firstly, Zack the Shmup Master tried his hand at blasting and navigating his way through my asteroid field of IMPOSSIBLE QUESTIONS!

Second, we had Todd, AKA Hiatu5, who writes for Gaming Rebellion himself about his love for retro titles…but was he able to write the CORRECT ANSWERS?

Last but not least, we have MightyQDawg, who runs his own YouTube channel alongside his wife, MrsQDawg! Is his brain as mighty as his twitter handle seems to indicate??

Luckily for you, you can watch it all here in the YouTube recap! And don’t forget, if you want to be a contestant on the Quiz Show, contact me and we’ll try to work something out! The next live show is on September 23 at 9 PM EST. DON’T MISS IT!

– Adam

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