I almost didn’t sign up for the opportunity to beta test Gotta Go, because I’m the kind of person who blushes at bathroom talk.  If you’re like me, a campy premise and potty humor might distract you from giving this playful arcade-style puzzler a look, but you’d be missing out on a fun gaming experience.  The mechanics here are solid, and no matter what clothes they’re dressed up in, they’d remain so: you have a limited amount of time to reach the washroom, but your coworkers want to chat and HR is watching you.  You can’t just sprint through your office to the washroom, despite your gastrointestinal distress.  You can’t just, uh… break wind… in the middle of a heavily-trafficked area without offending people and endangering your job. I admit to giggling pretty much every time I’d hide behind plants in order to avoid people, then leave a fart cloud to relieve gastric pressure before dashing away. There’s something deeply satisfying about yelling “SHUT UP!” or “THERE’S NO TIME!” at a coworkers to get out of conversations, too.


Each level opens with a shot of the bathroom, before the camera skims through the cubicle-heavy office space to your avatar, whose name you learn is August.  August is a new hire at Porcell Inc and represented as a familiar icon, as are office NPCs: the featureless, rounded person used on gender-specific bathrooms, possibly not wearing a skirt.  Navigating through the office, you use cubicles and potted plants in an attempt to avoid having to talk (ugh) to your coworkers. Their banter if they catch up with you is banal, which is good because the game encourages you to speed through these conversations.

Even in its current unpolished state, there’s more than enough here to sink your teeth into – multiple difficulty settings and numerous challenges display that Dire Nerd has replayability on their minds. Check out their website, social media profiles, and recently-launched Kickstarter for more information on this utterly impolite and eminently enjoyable game.


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