Final Fantasy Mystic Quest has gotten a ton of negative press as a game “made for idiots”.   What if the game was made for different demographics than those reviewers of the time?  I wasn’t in the D&D or Ultima when this game was released due to our family not having a PC at the time.


During this video I will try to discuss the issues with the game and give my take on those issues.   Personally, have always loved this game and have never understood why people hate it.  As a video contributor, I hope this video helps people find a positive in this RPG.

If you have any opinions on this game please let me know in the comments as I would be glad to discuss the game in more detail.


Thanks for watching my video on Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

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A long time Let's Player that specializes in Adventure games from the past. Saxcat has been a featured component of ScrewAttack and is the past. He also enjoys playing games from Sierra...such as the Police Quest, Quest for Glory series and King's Quest.

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