Welcome to my Let’s Play of King’s Quest V for the NES.  While Nintendo put out many great games, some ports were sub-par.  Konami decided to publish this game, while the development team was a small European company called Novotrade.

Novotrade was out of their league when porting the amazingly detailed and voice acted King’s Quest V.  The Novotrade version’s graphics make the game almost unrecognizable.  The sound effects are laughable, while the music is probably the best part of the game (not good).

The interface of this game is difficult as you have to use a combination of buttons to make the point and click mechanisms work.  Also, some time sensitive sections are almost impossible as the game doesn’t freeze during that time.

Saving?  A mess…just say no to this game.


This four part retrospective takes King Graham from Daventry to Serenia.  Join him as we take on snakes, mountains, queens and fingerbanging Germans.

My score for this game is a 2.5 out of 10.  However, the game is hilariously bad, so sit back and enjoy our run through King’s Quest V!