My last Castlevania video for a while–but still chock full of information!

A little bit of backstory on this one–I had gotten the idea to do these videos when I went looking for lore behind some Castlevania enemies–but what I found was hardly as much as I thought I would. SO as I started gathering information for enemies, I got side tracked. “What exactly is the timeline for this?” So I ran to YouTube and found nothing but pretty tame videos, but nothing that I would call “eye-catching”.

With that being said, you may have deduced that THIS is actually the first episode I made! And you’d be right! But since a timeline doesn’t really represent what Gaming Deconstructed’s main content is about-I decided to hold it off for nearly 3 months. Even between this one and the “first” one, I think there’s a big difference in quality–here’s to quick improvements and growth!