I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

A forest is a large area of land covered with trees or other woody vegetation. Forest are a great part of our ecosystem that we must preserve for future generations and for the survival of many species of plants and animals.


Sadly in video games we do pretty much the opposite of preserving the environment by destroying it in order to get enough wood to build a giant fortress and beat the wood out of everything in it that moves.


Oh, what a cute little bunny, I must KILL IT!

Not to mention that forests are one of the most common levels and scenery in video games, especially in RPGs or any kind of games based in a middle age fantasy. Here are some of the most common elements of this kind of level.

Big-ass bugs

bug catcher

Oh come on! Why I can’t have a nice walk in the forest?

If you played the first Pokemon you’ll remember the Viridian forest, a place where every five steps a centipede or a cocoon will appear to bug you.  Additionally you have to deal with bug collectors who only want to fight you with Pokemon that harden every time you touch them. And maybe, just maybe, you would find a sparky rat too in this green maze.


out of this world

This is basically the first thing that happens when somebody plays “Out of this world” for the first time

This is something more common of jungle levels because, let’s be real, reptiles usually live in tropical places. Snakes are some of the most common and annoying enemies in video game history (Trust me, I have an entry for them.) They are the classic ground based pest that moves from left to right and as soon as you approach to them, they’ll try to bite you to inject you their poison. This poison might be something that might kill you instantly or slowly in the most painful way possible. Let’s not forget to mention snakes that can shoot poison at your face.

Elves and Orcs


If you have ever played a fantasy game or even watched The Lord of the Rings you’ll know what the heck elves and orcs are, but if you don’t then let me help you a little bit.


It’s hard to find an image of a Female elf that doesn’t look like a Stripper.

Elves are beautiful creatures similar physically to humans with the exception that their ears are pointy and large. Elves can be divided in two groups: light elves, which are regularly portrayed as wizards or archers and dark elves, which are mostly dark magicians or assassins. Elves normally don’t interact with humans very much, and are often normally portrayed as hippies indifferent to human problems.


Orcs, on the other hand, are big monstrous individuals usually portrayed as savage warriors or shamans. They are ugly and typically villainous because let’s be real, many games or series are kinda “racist” about this. Elves are good while orcs are evil, except for the dark elves. Trust me, I’ll talk about them with more details, but for now remember this about them.



Me, everytime I try to get up

Elves and orcs (and similarly, goblins and gremlins) are not the only magical fantastical beings who usually live in the woods. Fairies are also part of the whole fantasy atmosphere despite the fact that they are not as popular as the aforementioned races, probably because they annoy you most of the time or because characters the size of a mouse are not as appealing as elves. For me, fairies are an essential part of a fantasy game; after all, without the character Navi we would never have Majora’s Mask.



Caves are a great element of a video game, and one of these days I’ll talk about caves, but for the forest part, they are usually paths to go to another region or a dungeon. These caves may lead you to find some great items or gain experience, but before entering to one you’ll have to explore a huge forest.  After all, what’s the point of an arboretum if it’s not to hide some secrets?


This is why I love more animated games than realistic games

These are just some of the most current clichés in the forest levels, wonderful places that are as mystical in video games as they are in real life. Sometimes you may see one game that has just a level but also you might see one that takes place entirely in a forest. Forests are cool. Get lost in one. 

jungle levels
Slayer-Quest: Strawberry fields forever

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