It’s been a while, Turnabout viewers…I am back with another episode with the Ace Gamer Show.  Join Mike Maverick as he will take on One Piece Pirate Warriors.   A musou beat-em-up, hack and slash game from the Dynasty Warriors spin-offs.   Will he ace it or fail it?   Find out!

About The Author

Hello! My name is Mike Maverick, the Ace Gamer, where I play it, I ace it! I'm a guy that loves to play video games, and trying my best to beat them and move on to another game if it's necessary. I have a web series, called "the Ace Gamer Show" where I go into detail about the game and at the end of the review, you will see if I either ace it, or fail it. That is all, and I will see you guys in the near future as I entertain for great justice.

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