If you’ve ever wanted to know where the king of dragons originated, this is honestly your best place to look. You can scour the internet, but why would you do that when I did the work for you? In this episode, I dive pretty deep into mythologies from across the globe, taking apart scriptures and ancient texts to uncover the truth about the iconic Final Fantasy summon. While some of you may know parts or pieces to the puzzle, the whole picture is much more interesting. Also–it’s pretty crazy hearing some of the lesser known mythologies from the middle east and Asia.

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This one took about a month and some change to do, mostly due to the fact that my wife had our son in January, so I took some time off. I try to make one every month! Hopefully I can keep up this pace–enjoy!

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Creator of Gaming Deconstructed. Graphic Artist. Art..artist? I find inspiration to be..well, inspiring. Even if that comes from someone else! I compare aspects of video games to their real life (or mythological in a lot of cases) counterparts and check if it adds up. That's like, my thing.

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