If you have ever played all the way through the NES game Punch-Out!! with Mike Tyson or without, You know that the next to last match is for the World Heavyweight Title. The champion is Super Macho Man. A hard fight in an already challenging game for sure, but if you can beat him you are rewarded with not only the title belt, but a nice little cutscene showing Little Mac (it’s you!) raising his hands in victory. But I always noticed, along side the sad and somewhat strange message of “Daddy, please come home!” is that the newspaper is dated April 1st, 1987, with the match taking place the night before. I love when dates get put into video games, whether they are set in the future, like Bionic Commando was, or in the modern era. Well, for a game made in 1987, being set in 1987 would be modern right?


I got together with some friends, including Brasel the Gamer, well known here on Gaming Rebellion and imagined what what it be like if the match with Little Mac had actually been real. I was about 10 at the time, and so it was fun to imagine actually taking on all these fighters and winning. It’s a fun video that will surely bring back memories for you.