The Leshen always struck me as one of the coolest monsters in the Witcher 3, so it was a no-brainer when I needed a subject! Throughout the video, I dive into the mythology that inspired the Witcher 3’s Leshen along with the help of Old Man Geralt (or lack of help, really). The conclusion is pretty exciting, really. I love a good twist! So join me on an expedition to the Slavic regions of the world in search of the truth behind this relict of the wood. Is it truly evil? Is it something to be worshiped? Did CD Projekt Red fuck the whole thing up? Well, I’m not going to tell you here–watch the video and find out!

A little bit about the game:

Witcher 3 is a couple years old at this moment in time and to date, it still beats the crap out of newer titles in terms of quality of content, visual aesthetics, world building, and just plain ol’ simple player engagement. Seriously, I have friends that don’t even like RPG’s and they loved this game. That’s a good thing. HEY! Bioware! You should learn something from them! Ahem.

In this series, you follow Geralt, a Witcher–which is basically a monster hunter that is genetically altered by going through a process that alters their…genes…For some reason everyone hates them even though they do all the things normal people don’t want to do, like keep peace and fight monsters–it may specify in the books why this is, but the game never really translates that too well. The SEO analysis says this is good enough, so I’ll stop typing now. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

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The Leshen


Wonderful music and Game:
CDPR and the Witcher 3

Sound Effects:
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Cow Moo

*Sort of Spoiler*

Whether or not they designed it to be what I conclude in the video on PURPOSE is up for debate. I mean, they had to make monsters, so there are a ton of ways it could’ve gone. Although, the “consisting of pine” bit and the wooden body always struck me as too coincidental.



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