Hey guys, it’s me again, asking “Why is Ganon a Pig”?

It’s especially powerful, especially against people that already think about life too much!

Ever wonder why Ganon is a pig and not some fantasy crazy demon? In a world of Octoroks and and faeries, you’d think there’d be something better as the embodiment of evil, but then again…maybe there isn’t? Join Me in this episode of Gaming Deconstructed as we compare the inspiration behind the swine devil with the finished products and see just how well, if at all, they line up!


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See you next time!

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Creator of Gaming Deconstructed. Graphic Artist. Art..artist? I find inspiration to be..well, inspiring. Even if that comes from someone else! I compare aspects of video games to their real life (or mythological in a lot of cases) counterparts and check if it adds up. That's like, my thing.

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