With its release just around the corner, DC’s superhero game Injustice 2 surpassed the first game’s amount of playable characters, with 29 – including the pre-order bonus Darkseid and in-game unlockable Brainiac. But perhaps the most anticipated for the game are the six unlockable premier skins. Players can easily access premier skins – alternate faces for established characters – by trading 6000 Source Crystals (which you can buy with real money as well as working for them in-game through leveling up and completing mini challenges).  Here’s a rundown of the premier skins available and who exactly these fresh faces are – and what makes them interesting additions.

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Cold Reception 

Captain Cold becomes Mr Freeze in premier skin form. Pretty cool. The character is a memorable Batman foe with the ability to manipulate temperature, not unlike Captain Cold’s. Mr Freeze joins the pantheon of strange-looking, specifically-powered Batman baddies. He perhaps gained a slight inkling of sympathy when you learned in Batman: The Animated Series that he is the way he is because he was trying to save his wife from terminal cancer. Still a baddie, though.  

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The Cooler Green Lantern 

When John Stewart replaced Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, he became DC’s first black superhero. He’s unlockable here as Green Lantern’s premier skin if you buy Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition (or trade in 6000 precious Source Crystals). John Stewart became a favorable Lantern and was even picked to represent him for the Justice League animated series. The upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie looks to be trying to turn the tide around on the super-charged ring-wielder after Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal failed to deliver at the box office. So much so in fact, that William Hill are offering a chance to fight alongside him in a 243-ways collapsing reels slot featuring the Green Lantern, with new players able to claim a £300 welcome bonus via Oddschecker. While everyone lets the 2011 film fade into obscurity, his street cred seems to be improving back to the levels it was in John Stewart’s days – perhaps the reason for the premier skin, to remind people how awesome the Green Lantern is.


The Flash has the premier skin of Golden Age Flash, which gives players an idea of what the Flash looked like before the overhaul of design in the late-1950s. The original Flash – Jay Merrick – was introduced in comic books in 1940. The current Flash, Barry Allen, is the featured character in The Flash (2014 – present) series, previously of Arrow (2012- present) fame. Currently portrayed in TV form by Grant Gustin, the redesign is the most common among fans, so having the previous Flash appear will add a nostalgia factor to the game. On the flip side, the Flash also becomes the Reverse-Flash, the inverted version of our hero. His colour scheme is flipped and his allegiances are flipped – he’s the Flash’s archenemy. Much like the Flash’s multiple personas, the Reverse Flash has been no less than five different people, all with an axe to grind with our Flash – whoever he may be at the time.  

Source: @comicfade via Twitter

A Modern Villain 

Cyborg can be swapped with his archenemy, Grid, who jumped out of comic books in 2013 as malware on a computer – and was given cyborg parts to become a fully-embodied villain. Despite circulating comic books since the 1980s, Cyborg is probably best known pre the 2011 retcon that named him as a founding member of Justice League as a member of the Teen Titans. Grid, a relatively new player on the DC scene, is a villain for the modern day, replacing the threat of nuclear radiation with that of computer viruses and automatons. 

Girl Power 

Finally, Vixen replaces Cheetah in premier skin form. She is best known as DC’s first female black superhero and part of Aquaman’s oft-forgotten Justice League Detroit. Named well, Vixen can mimic the ability of any animal on earth. Cheetah’s villainy is eclipsed by Vixen’s goodness. And, Power Girl – Superman’s cousin from an alternate reality – replaces Supergirl as a premier skin. Power Girl has been treading the comics since the 1970s and helped launch the superheroines.

So, for 6000 Source Crystals each, every premier skin is unlockable. The best way to learn about the characters is to get earning those Crystals and unlocking their gameplay!

Source: E1xx7 via Twitter

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