The Famicom Mini Finally Has a Wireless Option!

Sure, the Famicom Mini and NES Classic Edition didn’t have long lives. Less than six months in Nintendo pulled the plug. For those lucky few who managed to get one, its been fun playing the included games as well as tinkering with it to see what else you can play on there. While the NES version also gives you some controller options, the Famicom Mini owners have been stuck with super small and permanently attached controllers. There is no controller port to have anything else. However a hardware upgrade kit has come to my attention that lets you attach a Bluetooth receiver and let you use a Wii, Wii U, PS4 or many other types of controllers with the Famicom Mini. It also works on the NES version as well. Take  a look at the step by step to cut the cord on your Famicom Mini.

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