In 1991 Technos Japan (Rivercity Ransom) unleashed an adorable dice-based JRPG for the Nintendo Famicom, and although never officially released outside of Japan, Sugoro Quest – Dice no Senshi Tachi is fully playable in English thanks to the support of fan translator AlanMidas.

When reduced to the bare essentials, Sugoro Quest plays much like other turn-based RPGs: a lone adventurer traipses across the Kingdom of Siland battling diabolical evil and performing menial tasks for the local layabouts. But this isn’t your typical Japanese Role-playing Game, the adventure plays out on in a virtual board game and war is waged as opponents fling six-sided dice at one another. Despite its incredibly cute presentation (many of the stage bosses are little girls cosplaying as not-so-fearsome monsters) Sugoro Quest is not an easy game; the player’s success often hinges on the luck of a die roll – but unlike party games (such as Dokapon Kingdom) this is a true RPG, which means that stat gains and equipment upgrades greatly improve the likelihood of success.

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