I loved Pac-Man for the Atari 2600, or VCS if you were actually alive back in 1982. Yeah, say what you want, but the numbers don’t lie. With 7 million copies sold, it was without a doubt, the best selling game of the Atari era.

Maybe it’s due to the less that stellar reputation it has grown over the years, but the hoopla surrounding the release has kind of been forgotten. It also appears that many websites, including all major ones, do not have correct information about the game’s release date.

Some say 1981 and others say 1982! It’s a mess all around. But the answer is out there. I sorted through newspapers, magazines and tv news from the time and pinpointed it not only do a single day, but how many copies stores got and how fast they sold out.

So, what day was Pac-Man, the supposed crash-inducing game let loose on the public? What was the reaction at the time? What did Atari do to celebrate? All these are answered in the following video. It’s a can’t miss!


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