How Turbo Ruins Final Fantasy XII


Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age has been out for a while and it made me realize something. Now before I begin, the international version had a lot more going on in it than the North American one back in the day–but since we have those cool features in the high definition, remastered Zodiac Age version, we get to experience them for ourselves. For the most part, they’re all welcome additions–especially the beautiful, completely orchestrated soundtrack. This soundtrack is the fucking bomb.

The job system improvement is great! I love being able to assign rules and really makes you take a moment to pause and figure out what you think would be the best configuration–nothing to say much there– but…something that has me really divided is the 2x and 4x speed feature…Take a load off for 3 minutes and see what I have to say. If anything, it’ll be entertaining.

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