Back From The Future! I Found a GameCube Classic Mini in The Year 2019!

September 14, 2019! That will be the day that Nintendo drops its 4th “Classic Mini” console in 4 years. The Famicom/NES Mini came in 2016. The SFC/SNES Mini will be upon us later this year. People have already speculated about a possible N64 Mini as well.  So, what comes after that? Well, you don’t need to be gaming genius to know that the GameCube came next. (Though I’m sure if you posted that on the Internet, some people would hail you as one) But, rather than wait, I hopped in the ol’ Wabac Machine and went to 2019 and picked up a GameCube Classic Edition Mini on the 18th birthday of the original purple box. Yes REALLY! I even have a signed NDA that I wouldn’t talk about it. But since the date hasn’t happened yet, I’ll be free to spill the beans

Here’s a (semi) tounge-in-cheek look at what some games on the GameCube Classic Mini might be.


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