January 21, 1999 marked the release of “SUPER SMASH BROTHERS” on the Nintendo 64. At the time, it was a low budget game with humble beginnings but fast forward to 2017 and you would be hard pressed to find a “gamer” who hasn’t played or at the very least heard of this iconic party fighting franchise. Brawlout, which is currently available on Steam early access and releasing on other platforms later this year, is an indie title very similar to Smash Brothers and is currently making a bit of noise due to a recent announcement of a Nintendo Switch release. The game looks competent, has a colorful cast of characters to choose from, and plays, again, a lot like SSB. But why would this game work when so many other “Smash Brothers Clones” have failed? Well for one, indie games are more popular than ever at the moment. Not to mention it’s releasing on multiple platforms. One of them, the Switch, is also without its mainstay party brawler, yet.

Back in Nov of 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment published and released “PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS BATTLE ROYALE” for the Ps3 and PSVita. As you might expect, the game had a diverse cast of fighters, Kratos from God of War, Fat Princess from “Fat Princess” all the way to “Parappa tha Rappa”. Sony fans were borderline floored at the games announcement but almost simultaneously the game was met with controversy. The general consensus seemed to be: “Boo it’s a Super Smash bros clone”.

The game eventually released, had a small following and was ultimately tossed to the wayside after a few DLC characters, and hasn’t been supported since. Now, I have to admit I was a little hurt the morning I woke up and saw the praise this new indie darling was getting on Twitter. “Brawlout releasing on Switch” the head line read, “play as Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter”, others were saying. The game had been announced a year previous and is gaining a bit of traction as we get closer to its release this fall.

Brawlout is going to do well for simple reasons. Along with its good, party based gameplay, its doing one major thing that All Stars didn’t: releasing multiplatform. Although it doesn’t have the recognizable cast, aside from Drifter, it isn’t limiting its player base to a single platform. Not to mention one of the platforms it’s releasing on, the Nintendo Switch, has a player base that is (without any disrespect) desperate for more games, namely the next Super Smash Brothers. The red carpet has been laid out for this indie darling and I hope is does as well as it looks like it should. Am I a bit salty that I never got that Smash Bros vs All Stars mash up? Maybe, but it probably never would have happened anyway. Brawlout will be out this fall, and releasing on Switch probably closer to Winter 2017.

For all your retro and modern gaming news and opinions, keep the rebel fleet in your browser and email us. If you were a fan of PlayStation All Stars or you’re loving what you’re seeing about Brawlout, leave a comment in the section below.


  • David Fleming

    I love the idea of mascot party fighters like this so I’m happy to see a new one, with a crossover character no less. I’m pretty hyped to be honest.

  • DarkFist_Flames

    what if sony Announced PlayStation All Stars 2?

  • Tré Larkins

    That would be NUTS! but I’d be totally hype for it. I enjoyed the game, mained Jak n Daxter

  • Tré Larkins

    Same here and going multi-platform should really make this an easy win for the team at Angry Mob Games

  • Vick Vinegar

    So the main part of your article is that brawlout is going to be more successful because it’s releasing multiplayer? Riveting read let me tell you.

    PlayStation Allstars was a great brawler. I’m completely shocked they dont release a sequel with this much enthusiasm for sonys platform.

  • Vick Vinegar

    Going multiplat makes sense for a game with generic characters. This article makes a senseless point boding that this game be more successful because it’s multiplat. Sony isn’t going to license out characters for a game that’s gonna be on competing consoles. Same with Nintendo – it’s a console selling piece of software.

  • Vick Vinegar

    I mained fat princess before they nerfed her. Evil cole all the way. I was ruthless.

    Try brawlhalla. It’s a ton of fun with friends.

  • Tré Larkins

    I loved All-Stars personally, Jak n Dax there for me, I loved playing as them and I loved the combat system the game had, especially because of the development talent that was in SuperBot. That said it was getting dragged threw the mud and player base fell. I want a sequel but I’d be shocked honestly if it happen

  • Vick Vinegar

    The problem was everyone got rid of their ps3s! PS4 came out and me and my friends that played never looked back.

  • Tré Larkins

    You’re not wrong, but a new game on PS3 gained no real traction with those still on the system. Other events like you mentioned only worsened the blow if you ask me. Ppl still have and play PS3 games but Sony had/has bigger and better things to think about and moved on, sadly

  • Vick Vinegar

    I think they could pump out a sequel. On PS4 I think it could sell a million copies with a potential that it blows up. They could set a budget and put something out. The first one only sold a half million copies. I think with the install base on PS4 and enthusiasm for Sony characters it could hit nicely.

  • Tré Larkins

    Dude I’d be singing praises, it would make so much sense with the insane install base on Ps4! Idk if they want to try their hand at it again though. They disbanded SuperBot, idk if they see the point in trying to 1up SSB after inadvertently if you will, losing to them the first go around with the investment they made.

  • Tré Larkins

    I came across Brawlhalla while researching for this, I want to check that out. Looks good

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