With the release of Samus Returns, I took some time to go back and chart the history of the first Metroid, and its famous password Justin Bailey. Of course If you are gamer of a certain age, Justin Bailey was an amazing password that gave you access to the end stages of the game, fully powered and with a surprise! Samus Aran was female! Of course now, that’s common knowledge, but in the free-internet days the news traveled slowly and it was quite a revelation for the time. Various rumors were passed around as to who Justin Bailey was or why it was in the game. It’s all chronicled here. Also in recent years,  games have incorporated Justin Bailey in various ways. Take a look at the recent findings I’ve dug up and prepare to be shocked!


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I've lived more of my life in Japan than anyplace else. I like to share stories about the cool things people outside of Japan want to learn about. I also like to translate lost books and other game info and present them to an English audience.

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